Safety instructions for tubes

Thank you for buying our products.

Our sliding tube must always be used in a safely manner.

  • DO NOT stand up, always stay seated in the tubes, hold on tight to the handles..
  • Slide only on obstacle free courses, far away from traffic streets and do not slide backward.
  • Child MUST always be accompanied by an adult.
  • DO NOT use tube on watercourses.
  • Inflate up to Max 3 PSI. More than this could result in bursting the inner tube or damaging seams.
  • One adult and one kid per tube maximum.
  • ONLY heavy duty tube can be drag behind a snowmobile or ATV at slow speed.
  • NEVER drag a tube behind a vehicle.
  • The wearing of a helmet and ski goggle is highly recommended.

Shipping - 2 to 5 days